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The Concept of the Absent Curriculum is published in the Journal of Curriculum Studies

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

6 February, 2014. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson’s paper, The concept of the absent curriculum: the case of the Muslim contribution and the English National Curriculum for history, has been published in the Journal of Curriculum Studies, one of the world’s leading peer-reviewed academic journals for the study of curriculum. The paper explains and illustrates how absences in the curriculum as well as presences affect the learning of children using the case example of how the absence of the Muslim contribution from the English National Curriculum for History affected the learning of a sample of 295 Muslim boys. According the Professor Roy Bhaskar, World Scholar at the Institute of Education, University of London, the paper makes a pioneering contribution to curriculum theory and to the understanding of Muslim young people in education. It can be accessed at:

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