Curriculum for Cohesion

Presentation to Under-Secretary of State for Education

Elizabeth Truss MP

On Thursday 18th October 2012, the Curriculum for Cohesion team presented the key concepts and proposals contained in our submission to the National Curriculum Review for History, ‘A Broader, Truer History for All’ to  Ms. Elizabeth Truss MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education & Childcare with Mr. Marc Cavey, Senior Policy Advisor at the Department for Education.

We were supported strongly by  our patrons, Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan MP and Mr. Mohammed Amin, and the Co-chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Islamophobia, Rt. Hon. Jack Straw MP and Rt. Hon. Simon Hughes MP, and the Chair and Vice-chair of the APPG on Education, Mr. Fabian Hamilton MP and Mr. Nic Dakin MP.

Ms. Truss listened to the proposals of Curriculum for Cohesion and recognised the need for History in school to be addressed at the level of curriculum, pedagogy and resources.  She was interested to know that Curriculum for Cohesion is working on teacher-training and curriculum development and asked to be kept informed about developments in these areas.