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‘Islam in 11 Objects’ at St. Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, Chinnor

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

Monday, 15 May 2017. At the invitation of a school governor, Mr. Vineeth Purushothaman, Dr. Matthew Wilkinson made a presentation of ‘Islam in 11 Objects’ to the Year 6 of St. Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, Chinnor. This talk used 11 iconic objects to present the basic religious framework of Islam and cultural and intellectual achievements of Islamic civilisation and to show how Islam represents a balance between the demands of God and the Next World and the rights and responsibilities of humanity in This World. The children asked probing, intelligent questions and students and staff alike expressed their fascination for the fresh and vibrant look at Islam that the talk presented, which debunked some popular stereotypes of Islam as an ascetic and life-denying faith.

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