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Dr. Matthew Wilkinson presents ‘The Concept of the Absent Curriculum’ at the Institute of Education, University of London

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

Tuesday, 11 March 2014. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson presented ‘The Absent Curriculum: the case of the Muslim contribution and the National Curriculum for History’ at the Institute of Education, University of London.

The distinguished audience of educationalists included Professor Richard Pring, former Director of the Department of Education at Oxford University and Professor Roy Bhaskar, Director of the International Centre for Critical Realism at the Institute of Education, London University and Dr. Jacek Brant, Head of Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment at the Institute of Education, London University.

This paper conceived of the ‘absent curriculum’ as everything that could have been but has not been taught as a curriculum in the classroom and shows how the ‘absent’ curriculum as well as what is present in the curriculum affects the learning of children. CLICK HERE to download the paper from the Journal of Curriculum Studies:

This presentation shows that Curriculum for Cohesion is contributing exciting and innovative ideas to the world of education to help all children in their study of the Humanities.

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