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Dr. Matthew Wilkinson is awarded a Visiting Fellowship by the Institute of Education, University of London

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

11 November 2013. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson has been awarded a prestigious Visiting Fellowship by the Institute of Education (IOE), University of London which is Europe’s leading educational research and teacher-training institution. Matthew sees this award as acknowledgement of the rigour and influence of the reports and recommendations of the Curriculum for Cohesion team to the UK Government’s National Curriculum Review for History and of the potentially international impact of our development of the philosophy of Islamic Critical Realism and related humanities curricula in History and Religious Education. The award also strengthens the ties of Curriculum for Cohesion to Professors Bhaskar and Husbands, World Scholar and Director respectively at the Institute of Education and key CfC Academic Advisors. We hope that 2013-2014 will be a year of mutual intellectual enrichment for the IOE and Curriculum for Cohesion.

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