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Dr. Matthew Wilkinson addresses BBC Radio Producers about their reporting on Islam

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

On 11 June and 18 June Dr.Matthew Wilkinson addressed c. 45 local BBC Radio producers and presenters in Newcastle and Bristol respectively under the auspices of the BBC College of Journalism about Issues in reporting on Islam, Islamism and Violent Extremism and the role
of the media in creating a narrative for change.

The talks deployed the analytical framework being developed by Curriculum for Cohesion to show comprehensively how Islam, Islamism and Violent Extremism can be effectively and authentically distinguished from each other and then suggested how a responsible and sensitive reporting of Islam can reflect these distinctions and move the debate about the role of Islam and Muslims in British life forward beyond the terrorist narrative.

The talks were regarded of most timely and practical utility by media professionals who recognise the need for deeper national reflection and improvement of their reporting of Islam-related issues. Curriculum for Cohesion is making an evidenced, critical contribution to this urgent national debate.

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