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Curriculum for Cohesion presents our Response to the draft History Curriculum at the Department for Education

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

8th April 2013. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson presented Curriculum for Cohesion’s response to Department for Education’s draft History specification to Ms. Pam Raven, the DfE Subject Leader for History, and talked her through in some detail what we commend and what we criticise about the draft History curriculum. Pam kindly talked Matthew through some of the processes and themes of the responses that she has received as a result of the public consultation.

Matthew was pleased that our response is being considered by the History consultation team in a serious and methodical way and that Pam supports in principle our approach to the inclusion of the Muslim contribution, although she was at pains to point out that she is not in a position to make any guarantees as to the final form and content of the National Curriculum for History.

Curriculum for Cohesion has done all it can in collaboration with teachers, academics, employers, the media, civil servants and politicians to make the case for a broader, truer History for all.

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