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Curriculum for Cohesion presents ‘A Broader, Truer History for All ‘ to Senior Policy Advisors at the Department for Education

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

Tuesday, 2nd October. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson presented the key concepts and proposals of the Curriculum for Cohesion contained in our report to the National Curriculum Review for History, ‘A Broader, Truer History for All,’ to Mr. Marc Cavey, Senior Policy Advisor at Department for Education, and Ms. Pam Raven, Subject Leader for History at Department for Education.

Mr. Cavey and Ms. Raven have taken a keen interest in the proposals of Curriculum for Cohesion and recognise the need for History in school to deliver as complete and as rich a curricular provision as possible.  They also appreciated our efforts to present our ideas in as concise a way as possible, given the great scope of the public consultation for the new National Curriculum specifications for History.

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