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Curriculum for Cohesion is present and presents at the SOAS – Nohoudh Muslim Integration Conference 2015

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

5 – 6 November. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson, Director, Mr. Mohammed Amin, Chair of Committee of Donors, and Mrs. Lucy Wilkinson, Project Director, attended the SOAS – Nohoudh Muslim Integration Conference 2015: Engaging with the Discourse.

Matthew gave a presentation, entitled ‘Our Way of Being British: A Philosophical Basis for Muslim Integration’ showing how the philosophy of Islamic Critical Realism can enable young Muslims to chart an authentically Muslim and British Middle Way between reductionist assimilationism and the homeostasis of multiculturalism by sifting the essential from the peripheral elements of the Islamic faith.

Matthew’s talk was immensely well-received and provoked considerable interest in the full account of Islamic Critical Realism made in his book ‘A Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi-faith World: a philosophy for success through education.’

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