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Curriculum for Cohesion contributes to the History PGCE programme at the University of Cambridge

By Dr. Matthew Wilkinson

Thursday, 12 June. Dr. Matthew Wilkinson contributed a session to the History PGCE programme at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, which is led by Ms. Christine Counsell, Senior Lecturer in History education and Curriculum for Cohesion Academic Advisor. The session was entitled, History education and Muslim youth: promoting success by removing absence. The session showed in theory and in practice, through a workshop undertaken by 21 history teacher-trainees, how the teaching of events on the new National Curriculum for History to a greater historical breadth and depth than is standard practice can create better and more interesting classroom history that has the added value of including non-white, non-Christian Britons in the historical narrative of the nation in a natural way. The workshop was engaged in whole-heartedly by a group of talented history teachers-to-be who said that the methods of Curriculum for Cohesion will make a significant contribution to their own teaching practice.

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